Raunchy Rodeo

Venue: The Shift Club

Location: Sydney, Australia

Date: Aug 05 to Aug 06

Length: 8:00 pm – 3:00 am

Ticket Price: $60

Howdy Partner!

Like a rhinestone cowboy, riding out on a horse in a star-spangled rodeo!

This Red Heaven will be your time to rope and throw and brand ’em! ‘Cos this party on Saturday the 5th of August, we will be living high and wide! YEE-HAW!!!

Bring your bows, arrows and feathers if you don’t want to Move ’em on or head ’em up in the wild wild west!!

Our latest cowboy DJ DAN MURPHY will be headlining at the Red Heaven Ranch! Come and kick back at the ranch saloon for some unbelievable house tunes!

We will have our very own Outlaw, DJ Issy, getting you nice and warm at the O.K Corral so come with guns blazing!!

Will you be the new sheriff in town? Or will we have to lasso you in with the biggest gunfight the wild west has seen?

We know we are on a rundown! We are out running sundown Who knows where we will end up in the exclusive private party of Red Heaven!

Get your tickets today!!

Ticket Purchase! CLICK HERE

1st Release tickets from 14th April or until sold out – price $60 each
2nd Release tickets from 12th June or until sold out – price $70 each
3rd Release tickets from 27th July or until sold out – price $80 each
Tickets will be available at the door on the night for $95 each so get in early and buy them online.


What to wear!
Raunchy Rodeo is a Cowboys and Indians wild wild west themed event. If you can’t find something to wear then just come in something RED!

• A mandatory dress code applies to both men and women
• Not something you’d wear to any regular club
• Nothing boring and conservative. Th is a “Cowboys and Indians” themed event”

The Venue
Our venue for the night will be the exclusive, sultry and sexy atmosphere of The Shift Club, Level 1, 85-91 Oxford St, Darlinghurst NSW.


Red Heaven events are not swingers parties but we do like our crowd to be open minded, sensual, sexy and fun!