Up Coming Events

Location: Sydney, Australia

Date: Aug 29 to Aug 30

Length: 8:00 pm – 3:00 am

Ticket Price: $60

Save the dates for our up coming events.

Saturday 23 May 2020 – Red Heaven 10th Birthday

What is Red Heaven

Red Heaven is a party for open minded, curious, people who want to party in a safe,  hassle free environment with like minded individuals. All guests make an effort to dress up and go that little bit further to impress.

Wristbands (Mood Bands)

As always we have our signature mood bands! These are perfect to let everyone know how naughty the mood you are in is! ;)

  • Red Let’s Play
  • YellowCurious
  • BlueJust Party

The Venue

Our events are hosted within exclusive venues. Venues chosen are discrete and welcome even the most extravagant costumes. We have the whole venue ensuring that the night won’t be gatecrashed by the general public. Our guests value their privacy and discretion and we ensure that is maintained at all times.


Red Heaven events are not swingers parties but we do like our crowd to be open minded, sensual, sexy and fun!